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The Hocking Makers Network is devoted to empowering people to find their passions through introduction to tools; approachable, affordable classes; and workshop membership opportunities to pursue their interests on their own. Pipelines to (1) workforce development, (2) higher education, (3) entrepreneurial endeavors, or (4) avenues to explore new hobbies all contribute to the value that the HMN provides to Nelsonville and surrounding communities. 





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The Hocking Makers Network will help the residents of Nelsonville and surrounding communities flourish by creating a network of workshops, tools, resources, classes, connections, and opportunities. This network and these resources will help expose people to skills, careers, and potential passions they didn’t know they had - they didn’t know they were talented at. It is our belief that if a person finds their passion, they live a fuller life; find a more satisfying career; contribute more energetically to their local community.

Although operated by Hocking College, the Network is not overtly branded as a Hocking College entity, thereby appealing to a broader community in Nelsonville and surrounding communities than just the students and staff of the college, thus fostering a diverse community of Makers. It is hoped that this Network will create local entrepreneurs, will send more people through workforce training programs, will provide a pipeline of new students to Hocking College, and will provide cultural richness through leisure learning and hobby programs.  In this manner, every demographic of Nelsonville will have an opportunity to discover a new skill, hobby, or opportunity. Although technically a non-profit, by strategically managing the Hocking Makers Network as a business, constant attention will be paid to the needs and interests of the community in order to pivot to the classes, resources, events, and services that are most in demand. Thus, it is expected that the program will be sustainable over the long run, and ideally will serve as a successful model that can be scaled to other communities across the Midwest and beyond, and continue to cement Hocking College’s innovative practices as the place for Hired Education.


  • Each person has a passion to discover about themselves
  • Each person has a value to bring to the community
  • Diversity of community is a strength
  • It doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge to find a new skill, hobby, career
  • A rising tide lifts all ships - the community is better off if its people are energized and activated
  • We live in an empowering era of information, technology, and opportunity – but many people need exposure to these.  That’s what the HMN provides.  It’s a catalyst to unlock one’s passion and talent, and to direct people to resources to continue to grow

Meet Our Team

Adam Fowler (1)

Adam Fowler

Dean of Workforce Development
(740) 753-6357

Shannon Arnett Headshot

Shannon Arnett

Hocking Makers Network Coordinator


Meet Our Board of Advisors


Nathan Berger


Alex Bandar, Idea Foundry

Alex Bandar, Ph.D.