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Creating a Makers Network Community

With the help of many, the Hocking Makers Network works to connect creative people from all walks of life. Bringing together everyone from artists and hobbyists to seasoned and skilled professionals, we hope to inspire and offer opportunities for experiencing, learning, and creating.  

By becoming a member, you will have access to studio spaces, equipment, and classes as well as opportunities to share and learn from other members of the Network.  Join us as we build our Network of Makers.

Meet Our Instructors 

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Chris Hedges

Woodworking & Furniture Making

Chris has been a furniture maker and educator for nearly 16 years. After receiving an M.A. in Sociology and teaching for nearly 3 years, he enrolled in a 2-year furniture making program, and as they say, the rest is history. 

Over the course of his career, he has received multiple awards for design and craftsmanship, written a number of articles for publication, and shipped various commissions worldwide. Although he was trained in classical furniture design and construction methods, his main interest lies in Shaker furniture and its impact can be seen in my own original designs.


Whitney Goller

Art and Design Program Manager

Whitney Goller is an artist living in Columbus, Ohio. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from East Tennessee State University in 2016. Goller is inspired by movies, cultural symbolism, and Romantic Period monsters. She seeks to conjure the magic of narrative, ritual, and symbolism in her work. Whitney works in painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics.

Grace Gibbins Headshot

Grace Gribble

Grace grew up in Southeast Ohio. She has a B.A. in Studio Art and a Master's in Arts Administration. Fun fact: Grace is obsessed with plants and got her minor in Plant and Environmental Biology!


Eric Hedin

Fermentation Specialist

Eric has enjoyed all types of alcohol his whole adult life. His time at Hocking College started in the spring of 1979. He took some time off from his education and returned to Hocking in the late ’80s and graduated from the Paramedic and Nursing programs.

In 2002, Eric opened his own brew shop. The people that he has met and shared information with, the skills and knowledge have been a two-way street. He thanks all of the people that have been in his life. His hero is Benjamin Franklin and of his many quotes, his favorite is, “Beer and wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”


Paige Fox 

Paige is a ceramic artist that currently resides in Athens, Ohio, She received her Associates in Art and Design from Hocking College. She enjoys combining sculptural elements to wheel thrown, functional objects. Her work is inspired largely by the natural world and organic surface textures. 


Kori Collins

Kori Collins is an artist living in Meigs Co. Ohio. She has been blowing glass for 10 years and stained glass for 3 years. She enjoys finding inspiration from nature and creating her own patterns. Glass is used as mediation for her and enjoys continuing to learn new techniques and grow as an artist.



Sabrina Suman

Sabrina has been inspired by art ever since she was a child. She has always wanted to find ways to combine art with science and has gravitated towards mediums where chemical reactions transform a piece of work. Sabrina studied Chemistry at Ohio University, and has attended several courses through the Hocking College Art & Marketing Program. She is currently a manager at a local glass blowing studio and gallery; the Jack Pine Studio. Sabrina is happiest and fueled with creativity when working with glass and ceramics. While three-dimensional art is her favorite, she also appreciates drawing and photography. 


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Jessie Knight

Since graduating from Hocking College for stained glass, it has become Jessie's passion. For over 15 years, Knight has created suncatchers, windows, installations, jewelry, and 3D pieces. Her art can be found online and in local boutiques in Ohio. There is nothing like seeing a finished window in the sun; it is absolute magic.